Felicia "Silk" Lyons

A beautiful woman with long hair and large horns stares imperiously at you. She has the grace and poise of high society yet the mannerisms of one foreign to Duskwall. She is fit and her movements are both fluid and strangely quiet.


Playbook: Lurk
Heritage: Tycherosi (tell: horns)
Background: Noble
Vice: Weird
Friend: Roslyn Kellis, Duskvol noble
Rival: Frake, Duskvol locksmith

Hunt: 1 / Study: 0 / Survey: 2 / Tinker: 1

Finesse: 3 / Prowl: 3 / Skirmish: 2 / Wreck: 1

Attune: 1 / Command: 0 / Consort: 3 / Sway: 1

Special Abilities
Reflexes – When there’s a question about who acts first, the answer is you.
A Little Something on the Side – At the end of each downtime phase, you earn +2 stash.
Calculating – Due to your careful planning, during downtime, you may give yourself or another crew member +1 downtime activity.

+3 coin
+11 Stash

Soul-Wrenched (Level 1) – Silk beheld a black void while attempting to discern the true nature of “The Admirer.” It is currently 2/4 healed thanks to Mix’s skilled “aroma therapy.”

Devil’s Bargains and Such
Gallen Rakkel, a Hive foreman, is interested in spending time with Silk. He believes she is a fellow member of the Hive and is somewhat infatuated with her.

Silk has joined the cult named “The Brethren.” It is a cult dedicated to a god named “One That Hides.” She has been feeling something watching her and will soon need to make a decision between abandoning the cult or pursuing it further.


Coming soon!

Felicia "Silk" Lyons

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