Casslyn "Splendor" Strangford


Playbook: Slide
Heritage: Tycherosi (tell: horns)
Background: Noble
Vice: Luxury
Friend: Strangford, Council Member, Uncle
Rival: Klyra, a tavern owner

Hunt: 0 / Study: 1 / Survey: 0 / Tinker: 0

Finesse: 2 / Prowl: 0 / Skirmish: 0 / Wreck: 0

Attune: 0 / Command: 1 / Consort: 2 / Sway: 3

Special Abilities
Ghost Voice – You know the secret method to interact with a ghost or demon as if it was a normal human, regardless of how wild or feral it appears. You gain potency when communicating with the supernatural.
A Little Something on the Side – At the end of each downtime phase, you earn +2 stash.


Casslyn "Splendor" Strangford

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