Flowing clothes make it hard to tell where fabric ends and body begins. Slightly above average height, stereotypical Iruvian face.


Playbook: Cutter
Heritage: Iruvian
Background: Academic – Sword Monk
Vice: Gambling – Boxing at the Docks
Notable Friends: Marlane, pugilist
Notable Rivals: Mercy, assassin

Insight (1)
Hunt 0/Study 1/Survey 0/Tinker 0

Prowess (4)
Finesse 2/Prowl 2/Skirmish 3/Wreck 1

Resolve (2)
Attune 1/Command 2/Consort 0/Sway 0

Special Abilities
Not to be Trifled With – Push yourself to perform a feat of superhuman strength or to contend with a small gang on equal footing.
Battleborn – Use special armor to reduce harm or push during combat.


An Iruvian sword monk, fled to Duskwall for reasons best left unsaid. Partially responsible for the conflict between the Hive and Night’s Melody.


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