Captives of the Lightning Wall

Episode 1 Outcome, Dec. 28th

Night’s Melody successfully snuck aboard The Salt-Soaked Mare and stole its charts and logs for Lady Adelaide.

  • Night’s Melody earned 8 coin, 4 rep, 3 heat, and 6 xp for their actions during this score.
  • The leviathan hunters are now in possession of Danson’s hunting secrets, and are preparing an expedition to locate them.
  • Duskwall’s Skovlander refugees are outraged that one of their folk heroes has been attacked while at port. Trouble may be brewing.

Elsewhere in Duskwall:

  • The latest import of cap wine was befouled en route to Duskwall when the train delivering it was partly overwhelmed by ghosts. Shortages are expected to last several weeks, though local varieties are unaffected.


arkendiniven arkendiniven

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